What is Life 101?

Years ago, Cope felt like he was unprepared to make some of life’s most important financial decisions. With all the years of schooling and education, he felt like there was something wrong with this reality. So he decided to do something about it.

He worked on a course topic list and a syllabus for a class he nicknamed Life 101. After a few years of refining the material and working with the school system to bring it to life, The University of Pennsylvania introduced the course in the spring of 2018 for the first time. It quickly became one of the most popular courses on campus, having multiple days of students lined up outside the class to partake in it. Given the importance and the demand for this information, Professor Cope began to host multiple open class lectures throughout the semester for anyone (including non-Penn students) who wanted to join. Pursuing his original dream to make this information accessible to everyone, this spring will be Professor Cope’s third year returning to the University and he will also introduce his Life 101 course online for the public.


Life 101

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“One of the core takeaways of this class is the idea of the “Business of Me” It is essentially a mindset that you as an individual are a business and you are its manager. This perspective made me reflect on my own life to determine why I make certain decisions and how they will impact my future… I have grown personally, academically, professionally in more ways than I can describe because of this class and the energy, intentionality, and passion the professors pour into each lesson. Because of this. I hope to one day include financial literacy concepts in my future non-profit work.” - Former Student

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